The Ultimate Packing Tips For Hyderabad To Tirupati Flight

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Are you unclear about the luggage policy after booking the flight from Hyderabad to Tirupati? This article is a detailed guide to the luggage policy and all essential packing tips for your trip. 

Packing is an important aspect of planning a trip and needs to be given great thought for a holiday to be stress-free. This article covers all the information related to weather, essential packing tips, airline restrictions, and luggage policies. Read on to know about the packing tips for the Hyderabad to Tirupati flight.

Here’s How To Pack Like A Pro

  1. Check the airline’s guidelines:

It is highly advisable to check the airline’s luggage policy, weight limitation, and items that are not allowed. 

  1. Check the weather 

It might be warmer in the city of departure while the city of arrival can have winter approaching. Hence it is advisable to check the weather update regarding the destination. Tirupati usually has pleasant weather. 

  1. Keep the luggage lightweight 

It is advisable to pack the bags and suitcases lightly to avoid any trouble at the airport due to luggage restrictions. The luggage policy depends upon the chosen cabin class (business, economy, or first class).

  1. Carry essential items

While packing do not forget to add the essential items like medicines and all the important documents. Most importantly, keep your Identity proof, boarding pass, and passport handy.

  1. Take care of your electronic devices

Keep portable electronic devices with you. Also, keep a fully charged power bank with you.

Luggage Policies Of Different Airlines 

Knowing the luggage policies of different airlines helps you travel smartly without any trouble. Read the luggage policies of different airlines to travel without any complications. The checked baggage allowance in economy class is around 25 kg, while in business class 35 kg is allowed. Economy class passengers can carry a minimum of 15 kg of baggage.

Air India: In Air India, economy class passengers can carry luggage up to 8 kg and checked baggage can be up to 20 kg. Extra weighing baggage can cost you some extra bucks.

IndiGo: Passengers traveling in economy class can check in with luggage weighing up to 15 kg and it’s usually around 7 kg for cabin baggage. 

Vistara: For economy class passengers, Vistara Airlines offers a baggage allowance up to 15 kg for check-in.

SpiceJet: In SpiceJet airlines, 15 kg is the baggage allowance for economy class passengers. 

Alliance Air: Alliance Air also follows a similar baggage policy. Carrying extra baggage leads to additional costs. 

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