Wedding Dress for Sikh Groom

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 1

Well, who agrees that weddings are less than a festival? With all the preparations and Sikh Wedding Rituals involved, weddings are one of life’s most meaningful events. The zeal to achieve perfection in every inch of the wedding day is high. Apart from the events, the most crucial part is to get the perfect wedding attire for the couple. And the groom, for sure, must get an attire that completes the bride’s look. So it’s important for perfect Wedding dress for Sikh groom.

Every groom has the urge to look perfect on their wedding day. After all, he would be in the limelight of the celebration. Let’s help you to find out the

Best Fit for the Groom

Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom

Anarkali Sherwani is gaining popularity through its classy and glamorous look. This groom’s wear is concerned with exquisite designs and unique colour combinations. A beige sherwani jacket with beautiful gold designs can be worn over a pastel-colored, for example, a light sea green Anarkali kurta and pajama. A pleated stole is draped on one side and tied to a heavily embroidered belt on his waist. Another stole of contrasting colours can also be draped to give it a complete look. This double stole Anarkali sherwani is best fitted with layers of beaded necklace. His head wrapped in headgear and sword to his left side gives a royal look to the groom.

The Flared Jacket Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 1

A simple and elegant dark-coloured kurta and pyjama in combination with a flared jacket give a gorgeous look to the groom. A flared jacket is heavily decorated with intricate threadwork and a few touches of stones. This jacket adds colours to the sherwani and gives a fashionable look.

The Dhoti Kurta Style Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 2

A long full-sleeve kurta is often worn with a dhoti. A dhoti is a long unstitched fabric draped in a complex way in the lower half of the body. You can choose a dhoti of your own choice but the off-white colour is every groom’s favourite. An off-white kurta and a long jacket adorned with gold work give a perfect look to the outfit.

Ivory Achkan Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 3

A rich fabric sherwani with beautiful gold threadwork and with buttons on the side instead of the middle looks adorable on the groom. This achkan sherwani is generally uneven from the bottom. It is often paired with bottom wear i.e. pyjamas. A plane red stole with designs on the border is draped on one side. The whole outfit is combined with a red turban, a beaded necklace and a sword.

The Velvet Splendour

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 4

The Sikh groom looks flawless in the darkest shade of blue. This velvet sherwani is embroidered with beautiful designs of threadwork. Its hemline is generally below the knees. The texture of the fabric is different and looks royal. The embellished collars and large buttons look so elegant and powerful. Well, of course, it is paired with trousers or pyjamas.

A heavily decked wide stole with either printed or threadwork of floral designs is draped elegantly on one side. Such a look on the groom’s is unavoidable and breathtaking.

The Layered Sherwani Look

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 5

Well, a unique outfit is here for the groom. A simple white kurta is paired with straight white trousers. A textured waistcoat with printed designs is topped over a kurta. The waistcoat with a mandarin collar and embellished buttons are popular. Another long heavily embellished jacket is worn over a waistcoat to give a completely layered look. The outfit is often combined with stoles of pastel shades and decorated borders.

A beaded necklace and jutti look quite regal on the groom.


The Evergreen Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 6

The combination of golden and red sherwani is an evergreen choice for Indian Sikh grooms. A golden-coloured long kurta often comes in varying designs of golden threads and large embellished buttons. A maroon or red coloured churidar pyjama is worn. A heavily decorated maroon stole is draped elegantly on one side. The outfit is accessorised with a golden and red jutti and gives a grandeur look to the groom.

The Bandh Gala Suit

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 7

To experiment with your groom’s outfit, a bandh gala suit is a perfect fit. Though it is simple but looks elegant and quite powerful. Bandh gala means a closed neck. Such suits are in trend. It is very green and traditional. A full-sleeve heavy textured kurta with hemlines above the knees is paired with simple churidar bottoms.

Deep Tones and Ivory

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 8

The dark shades with ivory never fail to give a masculine look. It is the most creative and attractive shade for the groom’s wear. Nothing looks more classy than the combination of dark shades and ivory. The heavily embellished kurta of ivory and dark shade of stole with embroidered borders looks splendid on the groom.

Ivory and Light Peach Sherwani

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 9

The combination of off-white and peach looks spectacular on a Sikh groom. The sherwani embellished in self-colour is a perfect example of elegance. A simple peach pagdi and peach stole with heavy embroidery of golden complements the sherwani. White churidar pyjamas are worn. This gives quite an appealing look.

Sherwani Accessories

Other than sherwanis, there are accessories to prettify the groom’s outfit. Let’s find out what they are called-

The Brooch

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 10

A brooch is an ornament fastened to clothes by a pin. A simple vintage brooch pinned on a sherwani can add a lot to the outfit.

The Printed Pagdi

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 11

A pagdi or headgear is a piece of cloth wrapped around a head in a complex way. The floral printed pagdis are in trend rather than simple ones with borders.

The Mala

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 12

The mala is generally made of pearls or beads. Mostly the layers of beads or pearls are used to adorn the neck rather than unlayered ones.

The Jutis

Wedding dress for Sikh groom 15

Footwears are to be worn that balances the outfit of the groom. The Jodhpuri or Kolhapuri jutis are the most common choices of the groom. Also, leather moccasins are placed in the hearts of the groom.

The Zari Shawl

Dark-shaded shawls with ivory sherwani are breathtakingly beautiful. The great zari work and stonework on stoles are now in trend.

The Sword – Completion of Wedding dress for Sikh groom

A sword is known as Kirpan in Sikh. A beautifully decorated scabbard is either tied to his waist belt or carried by him in his hand. It symbolizes the protection of his partner at any cost.
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