Catherine Reitman on Ending ‘Workin’ Moms,’ That Surprise Guest Star, and Her Love Letter to Late Fa


I chatted with Catherine Reitman about wrapping up ‘Workin’ Moms,’ her thoughts on the surprise guest star, and her heartfelt tribute to her late father, Ivan Reitman.

The conversation had a mix of closure and nostalgia. But, what really caught my attention was how Reitman infused personal elements into the show’s finale.

The emotional depth she brought to the series’ ending and its impact on both the story and audience got me thinking about the delicate balance of mixing personal experiences with storytelling on a public platform.

Reitman’s Reflections on ‘Workin Moms’ Finale

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Looking back at the last episode of ‘Workin Moms’, I can’t help but feel a mix of emotions. Wrapping up the stories of characters I’ve nurtured for years was tough but rewarding. It’s like saying goodbye to a dear friend – bittersweet yet necessary.

I’m really proud of how we tied up all the loose ends in the finale. Adding a tribute to my late father, Ivan Reitman, in the final episode was a special moment for me. It felt like a fitting way to honor his legacy and the impact he’d on my life and career.

As we close this chapter on ‘Workin Moms’, I’m filled with gratitude for the memories we’ve created together with our audience over the seasons. Laughter, tears, and growth – it’s been quite a journey.

Dan Aykroyd’s Guest Appearance

In the last episode of ‘Workin Moms’, there was a cool moment where Dan Aykroyd showed up and gave Kate some mysterious advice. When I saw that scene, Aykroyd’s appearance brought an extra layer of interest and depth to the story. His short but impactful cameo got me thinking about what his words really meant, hinting at some deep wisdom beyond just the show.

Aykroyd’s performance was so captivating, it really pulled me in and made me feel more connected to the characters’ emotional journey. It was a memorable moment that highlighted the quality of acting and storytelling in the show’s final scenes.

Aykroyd’s role in the finale was a standout moment, one that left a lasting impact on viewers like me.

Tribute to Ivan Reitman

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The tribute to Ivan Reitman in the series finale of ‘Workin Moms’ really hit home for me. Ivan, my dad, was a giant in the film industry and a guiding light in my life. Seeing his essence woven into the final episode was incredibly emotional.

It was my way of paying respect to his legacy and the profound impact he’d on me and my career. His spirit was palpable throughout the show, a touching reminder of his wisdom and influence.

The tribute wasn’t just a goodbye to the series but a heartfelt nod to an exceptional father and filmmaker.

Challenges of Crafting Endings

Crafting endings for characters is tough in storytelling. You gotta think about their arcs and emotional resolutions. As a creator, I struggle with giving closure while staying true to each character’s journey.

It’s tricky to balance what the audience expects with how the characters naturally develop. Endings have to feel earned and satisfying, giving a sense of fulfillment without messing with the story’s truth. You have to tie up loose ends, address lingering questions, and leave some room for interpretation.

Each character’s resolution should hit home with viewers, stirring up feelings from closure to nostalgia. Making these endings is deep work, needing a real grasp of the characters and their impact on the audience.

Catherine Reitman’s Love Letter

How did Catherine Reitman show her love for her dad in the final episode of ‘Workin’ Moms’?

Well, she paid a beautiful tribute to her late father, Ivan Reitman, by including bits of his legacy in the last episode. She told a heartfelt story that felt like a love letter to him, woven into the show’s ending. It was a touching moment that celebrated her father’s life and work in a special way.

In the finale, Catherine cleverly incorporated elements of her father’s career, making it a personal homage to him. The presence of Dan Aykroyd, a close friend of Ivan Reitman, added even more significance to the tribute. It was a heartfelt gesture that touched the hearts of both Reitman and fans.


The finale of ‘Workin’ Moms’ was a touching tribute to the beloved characters and my late father, Ivan Reitman. Seeing Dan Aykroyd make a surprise appearance brought a nostalgic and heartwarming element that I’ll always hold dear.

Crafting the ending was emotional, but I’m thankful for the chance to honor my father’s legacy and his impact on the entertainment world. I appreciate all the fans for their support throughout this journey.

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