Hindu Wedding Dates 2024

hindu wedding dates 2024

Getting married can be one of the most beautiful experiences of one’s life, especially if one is prepping for a Hindu wedding. Nuptials in the Hindu religion pretty much treat the wedding couple like royalty every step of the way. If what you’ve seen in Bollywood gives you the feels, your wedding day according to Hindu wedding dates 2024 will give you everything from goosebumps to butterflies.

The Hindu culture has several names for marriage and also sees several variations across different states. But, the essence of the customs and rituals and Hindu wedding dates stay more or less consistent with every region.

A marriage ceremony in Hinduism brings the couple’s families together as they glee and laugh with you on your big day. From the little ones who play the sehbaala to the eldest family members whose hands rise for blessings, and for an uncoordinated dance move or two, shaadis involve everyone.

So, have you decided to get tattooed with mehndi, a glow-up with haldi, and immerse yourself in the other vibrant Hindu wedding rituals? Have you or your family already landed on your forever, and you need an auspicious day to let the shehnaais take over? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll provide you with all the auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2024. Let’s dive right into it without wasting any of the shubh muhrat.

Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in January 2024

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 What do you think would be the best way to start the year? Getting hitched to your one and only? Absolutely Correct! January brings happy harvest festivals throughout the country. This makes it the best time to harvest your crop of love. The best city for you to make this harvest would be Udaipur in Rajasthan.

January temperature for Udaipur hovers at 16.3 degrees Celsius or 61.3 degrees Fahrenheit with 2mm of rainfall. This weather is best to enjoy the greatness and regality of Udaipur, along with a winter-themed marriage ceremony. Take your pick from several palace-like and actual palaces for your nuptials. January has nine auspicious Hindu wedding dates, all in the second half of the month, giving you ample time to prep yourself.

  • January 16 (Tuesday)
  • January 17 (Wednesday)
  • January 20 (Saturday)
  • January 21 (Sunday)
  • January 22 (Monday)
  • January 27 (Saturday)
  • January 28 (Sunday)
  • January 30 (Tuesday)
  • January 31 (Wednesday)

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Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in February 2024

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The Hindu culture sees February as the Magha month and considers it extremely special for spiritual activities. This makes it a month for you to spiritually steal your partner away in this month, infused with the romance of Valentine’s. Pune is the best place to carry out this spiritual robbery this month.

The temperature of Pune in February is 23.7 degrees Celsius or 74.7 degrees Fahrenheit, with 2mm of rainfall. Pune is known for its rich historical fragrance and the elegance and aesthetics of the modern world. February has 11 auspicious Hindu wedding dates evenly spread throughout the month.

  • February 4 (Sunday)
  • February 6 (Tuesday)
  • February 7 (Wednesday)
  • February 8 (Thursday)
  • February 12 (Monday)
  • February 13 (Tuesday)
  • February 17 (Saturday)
  • February 24 (Saturday)
  • February 25 (Sunday)
  • February 26 (Monday)
  • February 29 (Thursday)

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Hindu wedding dates in March 2024

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March comes with the beautiful aroma of the spring season in India along with the Hindu New Year. Moreover, while Hindu weddings are usually draped in red, March welcomes Holi, the joyous festival of colours. The best city to absorb all of this with the perfect execution of the Hindu wedding rituals would be the city of Chandigarh.

Yes, you heard it right. There’s a reason why Chandigarh is the ultimate Bollywood cliche for marriages. The temperature of Chandigarh in March is 20.8 degrees Celsius or 69.4 degrees Fahrenheit with 39mm of rainfall.

Did you know that the trees in Chandigarh bear the best flowers and colour-changing tree leaves in March? Thus, you must really ‘spring’ onto this chance and lock your partner with you in this colourful city and this colourful month. March has 10 auspicious Hindu wedding dates and all of them fall in the first half of the month.

  • March 1 (Friday)
  • March 2 (Saturday)
  • March 3 (Sunday)
  • March 4 (Monday)
  • March 5 (Tuesday)
  • March 6 (Wednesday)
  • March 7 (Thursday)
  • March 10 (Sunday)
  • March 11 (Monday)
  • March 12 (Tuesday)

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Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in April 2024

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April comes with the initial heat of the summer and the highly awaited festival of Ram Navami. The month also houses the festivals of Ugadi and Baisakhi and can totally house the festival of your permanent union with your partner. While many would like to get married in Ayodhya this month, the city of Nashik will bring you closer to Siyaram without getting lost in the crowd.

The temperature of Nashik in April is 28.5 degrees Celsius or 83.3 degrees Fahrenheit, with 3mm of rainfall. The city houses the famous and beautiful Kalaram temple, built in 1782. Marrying in this place can give your union everlasting beauty and permanence. April has just five auspicious Hindu wedding dates that are concentrated between 18 and 22.

  • April 18 (Thursday)
  • April 19 (Friday)
  • April 20 (Saturday)
  • April 21 (Sunday)
  • April 22 (Monday)

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Auspicious Hindu wedding dates 2024 in May and June

The months of May and June do not carry any auspicious Hindu wedding dates with them. However, while these months may not be lucky to get married, they are definitely lucky for bonding with everyone. It is imperative that you appreciate and nurture your existing relationships before you give a permanent name to a new one.

The little ones in your family will also be free owing to the summer vacation in these months. You can plan a happy and happening summer trip with them. You may also take this time to bond with your soon-to-be spouse more and to make bookings and preparations for the Hindu wedding rituals for the next step in your life.

Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in July 2024

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Did you also grow up listening to romantic Bollywood songs involving love and rain? You won’t need to get drenched like the actors in the rain, but you can enjoy a monsoon-themed wedding in July. The best place to do so would be Rajasthan’s capital city of Jaipur.

The temperature of Jaipur in July is 29.1 degrees Celsius or 84.4 degrees Fahrenheit, with 178mm of rainfall. The Pink City is one of India’s premier wedding destinations, and its royal beauty and aesthetics tell you why. July has six auspicious Hindu wedding dates that end within a week after the 9th of July.

  • July 9 (Tuesday)
  • July 11 (Thursday)
  • July 12 (Friday)
  • July 13 (Saturday)
  • July 14 (Sunday)
  • July 15 (Monday)

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Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in August, September, and October 2024

August, September, and October bring the second innings of a shaadi season break in India for the Hindus. This break has an extra month, and thus, is relatively longer. But, this also comes during the fall season, allowing you to travel without any hassles of extreme weather conditions.

The fall season calls for a friendship getaway if you dedicated the previous break to family and relatives. You can also get some gifts for your family and future spouse on your travels. Most importantly, you may also use this break for some breathtaking pre-wedding photos.

Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in November 2024

November is the month of Diwali, which is India’s most anticipated and popular festival. But, as the festival of lights unfolds this month, you can find Ganesh, Lakshmi and Sarasvati in your loved one and permanently brighten your life. The best location to marry this festive season would be Varanasi.

The temperature of Varanasi in November is usually around 21.9 degrees Celsius to 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit with 6mm of rainfall. The holy and divine city is a treasure trove when it comes to Diwali, as thousands of lamps and paper lanterns illuminate the city, especially the ghats of Ganga.

The eleventh month has 11 auspicious Hindu wedding dates. All of these come after 12th November, so you can enjoy Diwali with your family on 1 November, and later marry the new lamp of your happy life.

Hindu wedding dates in December 2024

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The month of December brings the beginning of the peak of the winter season in India. While not all Hindus celebrate Christmas, they surely enjoy its festive vibe. Moreover, this is the last month of the year. Thus, you can easily add ‘enjoying with my life partner’ to your New Year’s resolutions list!

The best place for your nuptials this month would be the national capital of New Delhi. The temperature of Delhi ranges around 15.4 degrees Celsius or 59.7 degrees Fahrenheit with 8mm of rainfall. New Delhi also offers several beautiful and grand venues that shine the most on the chilly nights of December.

This month has just five auspicious Hindu wedding dates that fall before the first half of the month. This allows for getting hitched early and enjoying the festive vibes and a New Year’s honeymoon getaway.

  • December 4 (Wednesday)
  • December 5 (Thursday)
  • December 9 (Monday)
  • December 10 (Tuesday)
  • December 14 (Saturday)

With this, our list of all the auspicious Hindu wedding dates ends. Hopefully, you’re better equipped with the knowledge you need for the next big chapter of your life. Maybe you have already decided on the best date that suits you, your partner, and your family. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and wish you and your partner a bright married future.

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