Top 5 Luxury Wedding Venues in Costa Rica

luxury wedding venues in Costa Rica

With its breathtaking scenery and premium event locations, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for high-end weddings. There is something for everyone, whether a grand ceremony or a small, intimate one. 

The top five luxury wedding venues in Costa Rica that can make your day oh-so-special are as follows:

1.Villa Firenze

What makes people settle in Villa Firenze? 

Costa Rica has one of the best wedding places, a high-end luxury villa called Villa Firenze. Those looking for a high-end, intimate wedding can do so in this classy villa. 

Suitable for Small Weddings 

When looking for an appropriate place for small weddings, you should try Villa Firenze. It provides an intimate atmosphere along with luxurious facilities. Upon its grounds sits magical scenery, coined by stunning architectural designs merged with greeneries in different shades.


  • Complete Privacy: There is complete privacy in the villa. 
  • Top-notch facilities: The Villa boasts world-class facilities such as a Private Pool, Fancy Kitchen, and Beautiful Gardens. 
  • Beautiful Views: It’s tempting to hold a wedding on these grounds due to the view of Costa Rica’s green landscape.

2.Four Seasons Resort

What makes Four Seasons Resort stand out? 

Four Seasons Resort offers a harmonious combination of luxury and scenic environment that is preferred for Costa Rica weddings. It boastfully sits atop Peninsula Papagayo with magnificent scenes and attributes of global standards, such as luxurious spas and various pools. 

Perfect for Large and Small Weddings

Suitable for big and small weddings, Four Seasons Resort has always reserved some of its rooms for intimate ceremonies, while people book entire buildings in other instances.


  • Multiple Venues: There are numerous locations where you can choose, like beach fronts, fancy ballrooms, or green gardens. 
  • Exceptional Service: Have the most fantastic assistance with personalized wedding planning. 
  • Beautiful Scenery: Have great shots taken with the Pacific Ocean and thick forests just behind you.

3.Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo

Why Choose Andaz Costa Rica Resort?

The Andaz Costa Rica Resort is famous for its vibrant, up-to-date design. It offers an exceptional, stylish ambiance perfect for a wedding that combines luxury and contemporary.

For Modern Weddings

This is a great place to hold a chic wedding ceremony in Costa Rica—versatile. The resort’s versatile spaces can accommodate large and small wedding parties.


  • Scenic Locations: Pick from beachside venues, tropical gardens, and indoor spaces with stunning views. 
  • Personalized Services: The resort offers customized wedding packages.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: The resort offers comfortable, stylish rooms with beautiful views.

4.Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa

Why Choose Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa?

What makes Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa stand out from other places? Situated close by is an enchanting abode known as Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa. Thanks to its location near the Arenal Volcano, it guarantees a peaceful environment for a wedding ceremony. It has natural hot springs and several green gardens, creating a feeling of romance. 

Suitable For Those Who Cherish It 

Visit this site in Costa Rica for those who enjoy wildlife and desire something calm for marriage. It can accommodate a few or many people.


Why not enjoy soothing natural hot springs during your wedding experience? Would you like our garden’s beauty to be the backdrop of your ceremony and photographs? When you combine hot springs with Arenal Volcano and our gardens, you get just what it’s supposed to be – romance.

5.El Mangroove, Autograph Collection

Why choose El Mangroove? 

El Mangroove is a high-end boutique hotel situated on the Gulf of Papagayo. It provides an exclusive venue for your wedding that combines contemporary luxury and natural charm. 

For Elegant Weddings Only

This spot is perfect for couples seeking a chic and refined Costa Rican wedding venue. It is suitable for both grand ceremonies and small, cozy weddings.


  • Get married by the beach with the beautiful sun setting down on you and the sea. 
  • The hotel has a high-class hotel room, great-tasting food, and personalized wedding services. 
  • The hotel’s modern design brings sophistication to your wedding ceremony.

Tips for Planning a Luxury Wedding in Costa Rica

Early Planning

Preparation and organization at the commencement stage are the key factors in ensuring that your most admired places and service providers at the preferred venue are not fully booked during the wedding period much in advance; hence, start planning early enough for your wedding day to come. 

Recourse to a Wedding Planner 

Hiring a wedding planner in Costa Rica is very important based on our previous discussion on popular wedding venues. 

The best solution is to employ an authorized agency. They have ample resources, information, and people working specifically for such companies. This is great since the possibility of getting scammed is minimized.

In considering the Season 

December through April is the most suitable time for an outdoor wedding in Costa Rica. The weather during this season is always sunny and dry, which is ideal for beach or garden ceremonies. To sum it up


When choosing wedding venues in Costa Rica, the choice will determine how unforgettable your special occasion will be. Whether you have planned for a huge party or just an intimate ceremony, you can be sure that all your dreams will come true at these top five luxurious places.
Villa Firenze provides a luxurious and intimate atmosphere for couples planning a small wedding. Both Four Seasons Resort and the Andaz Costa Rica Resort have versatile outdoor spaces for large and small, well-coordinated weddings. El Mangroove and Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa have ideal romantic settings suitable for sophisticated couples who love nature.

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