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Munjoh Ocean Resort

Munjoh Ocean Resort, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Why you should choose Havelock Island for a dreamy destination wedding

As couples show a great inclination towards the beaches and love spending time with their partners at a romantic beach location, the craze of beach weddings is also gaining ground.

Havelock island is an ideal choice for couples to celebrate the biggest of their life and give a gala time to their guests. Whether you want to add some adventure to the wedding ceremonies with water activities or throw a night party on the beach side, Havelock is perfect.

The below-mentioned advantages of planning a destination wedding in Havelock Island will remind you of great moments forever.

  • A scenic beach wedding setup for couples
  • Pool party for your guests
  • Plan a photo shoot at the pristine beach area
  • Enjoy water sports with your loved ones
  • Include the local food in your wedding menu
  • Book luxury hotels or resorts and offer great hospitality to guests
  • Pleasing weather for enjoying the ceremonies to the fullest

Taking wedding vows at a such picturesque location and enjoying the giggles of your loved ones will be a dream come true thing for couples.

Exchange vows in a personalized setup at the beach of the island

Gone are the days when weddings were only a ritualistic ceremony. Today couples want to explore the destination and enjoy carefree wedding rituals with close ones. A beach setup for a wedding gives a similar vibe to partner-to-be couples.

A pool party and lots of fun

Before or after the wedding celebration, couples can enjoy a pool party at any specific location on Havelock Island. The floral costumes, relaxing drinks, loud music and the company of loved ones, what else does a couple need to live the grand moment of life?

Plan a photo shoot at the beach location

Usually, couples pick a specific location for photo shoots before their wedding functions but if have chosen Havelock Island for a destination wedding, you just need to reach here a few days before the wedding. And do not forget to hire a professional photographer for capturing awe-surprising pictures.

Enjoy water sports in your destination wedding vacation

At Havelock Island, you can live some most fun and adventurous moments with your partner, family members and friends. Diving deep inside the crystal clear water, flying high in the sky and over the roaring waves of the sea, having a great cruise trip and making sand castles, everything will add a memorable moment to your destination wedding dairy.

Book hotels for a comfortable stay for your guests

This unique location is no short of luxury accommodation options for your guests. You can book spacious rooms equipped with modern services at budget-friendly prices. The great hospitality will remind them of your wedding forever.

Include local food in your destination wedding menu

Food is a major part of any celebration in India and when you are exploring a new place, what else can be another way to know about its culture than food items? You can serve a variety of seafood to your guests.

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